Buddy Up!

Sometimes when you’re struggling to find the motivation to get out the house and exercise, making a date with a friend is a brilliant solution.  Taking the time to make the appointment will mean you have a better chance of sticking to it – have you ever cancelled on a mate and not felt the slightest bit guilty?!

There are a couple of tips when it comes to finding the right exercise partner, so think who you have in your circle of friends and how you can help each other:

  • Choose a dependable friend – someone who will turn up, or will at least let you know when they can’t make a session. There’s nothing worse than having to harrass someone, or constantly remind them.
  • Find someone of a similar level – fitness, strength and motivation.  We all have our off days, but if one person is way more motivated than the other it can be a potential nightmare (for both people!) and recipe for disaster.  A beginner working out with someone who is a bit more experienced is great, you can learn a lot.
  • Make sure they want to improve – choosing a partner who has no goal to improve may well end up dragging you down. I’m not suggesting the goals be massive, but a small amount of improvment is a great motivator.

Sometimes it’s great to workout by yourself.  It gives you time to think about things, helps you take ownership of your exercise regime and there’s no waiting around if the other person is late, but making an arrangement to meet someone at the Gym or the local park for a run or walk can provide the extra motivation that we sometimes need.  I’ve got friends who I meet up with, and I know I’d have skipped a workout otherwise.  Make sure you have a back up plan if your buddy can’t make the session though – it means you don’t both miss out!

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