Benefits of a Workout Buddy

If you’re lacking enthusiasm and motivation when it comes to sticking to an exercise routine, have you thought about finding a workout buddy?

There are a number of reasons why this is something you should consider:

  • Making an appointment to work out with a friend makes you less likely to bail, you’re unlikely to want to let them down or be the friend that always cancels!
  • There’s an element of competition to your workouts and they encourage you to work out for longer too. Studies have shown people working out with a virtual buddy trained for longer than when they were working out alone. Find a buddy who’s about the same level of fitness as you and enjoys the same types of workout so you both get something out of the sessions.
  • You can pick up new tricks and tips. Different people have a different go-to exercises and routines, so you can learn from each other,
  • Think of the free therapy! Obviously you still need to work hard to get the maximum benefits, but you can chat through your problems and not concentrate on the minutes ticking by.
  • Have you ever wanted to try a new class, but not be brave enough to go it alone? Now you can! Having someone with you makes you more likely to give it your all, and try something new that can mix up your workout schedule.
  • You can split the cost of a trainer, making it much more affordable. You both get the guidance and motivation, plus you get the moral support of a buddy too!

Choose your buddy wisely, as you could be spending plenty of time with them – make sure you encourage each other to get the most out of each session!

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