Exercise and Mental Health

We know the physical benefits of exercise – helps us lose weight, helps reduce risk of high blood pressure, helps prevent some cancers and helps get rid of fat – but the mental benefits are just as important too. Mental health means different things to different people, so each person will have different experiences of…… Continue reading Exercise and Mental Health

Sugar Tax

There’s been much talked about since George Osborne announced the Sugar Tax as part of the Budget on Wednesday (and then Jamie Oliver did a little victory dance whilst, conveniently, being in the general Westminster area at the same time). Now I’m not one to get overly political about things like this and I’m not…… Continue reading Sugar Tax

Rest and Recovery

Every exercise programme should always have rest and recovery as an integral part of it, but sometimes you need to know (and listen to) what your body is saying and whether you need to take additional rest days to get the best out of yourself. Saturday was my additional rest day. I’d had some blood…… Continue reading Rest and Recovery


I’ll let you into a little secret: I’m struggling with walking, struggling with stairs and generally struggling with sitting down today. That pain you feel when you’ve done a hard workout, sometimes the next day, sometimes the day after that.  You know when people use the phrase “no pain, no gain”, what exactly do they…… Continue reading DOMS