Rest and Recovery

Every exercise programme should always have rest and recovery as an integral part of it, but sometimes you need to know (and listen to) what your body is saying and whether you need to take additional rest days to get the best out of yourself.
Saturday was my additional rest day.

I’d had some blood taken on Friday, and it seemed to wipe me out more than I was anticipating, so Saturday became quite a lazy day for me but I feel much better for it.
Don’t get me wrong, I feel guilty for not going running on Saturday, but it has given me the additional motivation to get all the planned sessions done for this week as a result.

Each week I plan what exercise I’m going to do on what day and, generally, at what time. I write the sessions as appointments in my diary and include details of what circuits I’ll do during the week as well. This is great for me, as there’s no wasted time once I’ve made my mind up to start the session about what to do, the time has already been put in.

Saturdays are a good day for me to try and get a long run in and then maybe a circuit afterwards – if I’m feeling brave! – so I felt like it was a day I couldn’t miss on the plan. I couldn’t motivate myself all day, so decided to knock it on the head and concentrate on eating properly, getting enough water and getting sh*t done – I was still active during the day doing hoovering, cleaning, food shopping etc.

We all have to remember that we’re human, and some days it just doesn’t happen the way we plan. There’s no shame in that, but it’s important not to let it throw you completely off course – tomorrow is always a new day.

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