Lunch Fit For a King (or Queen)

I often get asked what things I eat during the day, so I thought I’d do a blog around that.
Whenever I can I like to make a salad or have homemade soup, that way I know exactly what’s been put into it – although some takeaway salads look healthy, the dressings on top are a calorie and fat-laden nightmare, which can make those choices quite unhealthy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to come across as all ‘holier than thou’, and I love a simple and plain cheese sarnie as much as the next person, I just wouldn’t trust myself to eat a cafeteria lunch everyday and still try and stay in shape.

The best time I have to experiment with different things is when I have some time off work. I like to spend time in the kitchen and try new things and see what twist I can put on one of my favourites.

One of my favourite things is bruschetta – nice tomatoes, bit of garlic, salt and plenty of fresh basil is a nice treat, especially when it’s on top of a nice slice of toasted bread.


I often add other random bits that I have in there as well – a bit of onion, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella or an extra drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

Another firm favourite of mine is a chopped carrot salad, although the carrot is grated so not sure where that name came from!
Again, you can add anything you like to this really as long as it’s nice and fresh. The dressing is a good one for this – a bit of white or red wine vinegar, and pinch of cumin seeds, sugar and a bit of chilli (fresh or dried chilli flakes). If you’re transporting this work, take the dressing separately, otherwise all the moisture comes out of the carrots and makes a lovely orangey mess everywhere 🙂


Again, I can add anything to this and it will make a nice change.

I’m off work next week, and I’m looking forward to making a couple of these, and seeing what other treats I can come up with.

I’m really bad at getting stuck in a rut with lunches, so sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of inspiration.
What your favourite lunch? Feel free to comment!

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