The new ‘normal’

Now that we’re definitely over the peak of Covid-19 and coming towards the end of this bizarre journey, knowing that we’ll be in a new normal for a while, things seem to be getting going. Businesses are starting to reopen and others are adapting their services to fit into the current circumstances. It feels strange, but I’m eager to get back to the studio and surround myself with my crew. My safe space.

The future may well be a bit uncertain, but we’ll go into it together. Throughout all of this I’ve always maintained the thought that we’ve all had different experiences of lockdown and I think we’ll all have different experiences coming out the other side, and that’s ok.

From a Gym/ fitness perspective, I think things will look very different for a while. I’ve worked in a gym environment for over 15 years, and we’ve never had anything like this to deal with before – we’re all trying to learn as we go. Government guidelines will dictate what restrictions or special measures we have to put in place, but it will be up to the individual facilities (whether a big box gym, or a small studio) to ensure they’re made to work for clients and trainers.
Cleanliness and hygiene has always been important to me, wherever I’ve worked, but unfortunately gyms are usually a hotbed for bacteria and germs…. increased cleaning standards can only be a good thing!

At the moment it looks as though 4th July could be the magic date but, of course, this could still change. A lot of people have spent the past 3 months cocooned and protected in our own little bubble, in order to stop the spread of this virus. A number of people are eager to get back to the gym, although being reliant on other people being responsible and careful is a worry. Looking at the current guidelines UKSport have released around the reopening of sports facilities, there are few things I wanted to highlight, whether you come to my studio or another gym:
• Use the cleaning stations provided to clean all equipment after use
• Don’t take a sweat towel onto the gym floor – use the paper towel (which should be) provided and throw away immediately.
• Try and avoid coughing directly onto equipment, cough or sneeze into your elbow.
• Maintain social distancing throughout – if someone steps close, move away.
• DON’T ATTEND THE GYM IF YOU, OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW, HAS SYMPTOMS. If you feel at all unwell, it’s best to avoid the gym or attending a studio.

If you’re at all worried about the cleaning practises in a particular, speak to management. Speaking from my own personal perspective, I would rather have this brought to my attention, so I could rectify it, rather than a client leaving unhappy. Remember that we’re all trying our hardest to make this as smooth for everyone as possible, but we’re only human at the end of the day. My door is always open if you have any specific worries about going back to the gym, and I’d be to have a chat with anyone who wants to get in contact.

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