How important is accountability to you?

When you set yourself a goal, do you believe that it’s something you can achieve alone?  Is that why you set it?  Or do you believe that, along the way, you’ll need to some help and support?

Accountability – either self-accountability, or accountability from others – can eliminate the time and effort you spend on distracting yourself from the task at hand… achieving your goal.  It can also give you focus and motivation.

When I’ve tried to make myself accountable in the past, I’ve flourished when I’ve asked for help. 
• I’ve asked friends to meet for a workout when I know that I’m unlikely to go alone
• I’ve met a study group when there’s little chance of me studying by myself
• I’ve asked for support when I know my motivation is low. 
This allows me to think about the task I’m trying to achieve, knowing that I’ve got support behind me, for when I need it.

I have clients who use me purely for accountability and motivation – they have a fair idea how to structure a workout, they know what to do to get results, but they need someone in their corner; someone to make an appointment with, to make sure they get the work done.

I write myself lists all the time, of things I want to get out of each day…. but what happens if I don’t get things done?  Who do I answer to?
If it’s just me, it’s easy to say “oh well, maybe tomorrow”, but where would that get me?

For the business, I have an accountability buddy.  We meet once a month and talk through our businesses and any problems we have, which is invaluable.  We also make sure we come up with a couple of tasks to achieve before the next meeting – if we don’t get them done, then there’s a discussion as to why not.  There’s always the guilt of letting down my buddy, to give me enough incentive to put the work in!  Plus there’s the support there if I feel like I’m struggling, so a win-win situation all round.

Think of those around you who could act as an accountability buddy for you – can you help each other out, set each other little targets, or keep in regular contact to make sure you’re still putting the effort and work in?

If you’re looking for an extra bit of accountability, motivation and support then I’ve set up a new Facebook group – Food and Fitness for Busy People:

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