Tips for self-care

A phrase that has become more popular over the last couple of years, self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. It’s something can be quite simple, but very much overlooked. We know that self-care can improve our mood, reduce anxiety and allow…… Continue reading Tips for self-care

The new ‘normal’

Now that we’re definitely over the peak of Covid-19 and coming towards the end of this bizarre journey, knowing that we’ll be in a new normal for a while, things seem to be getting going. Businesses are starting to reopen and others are adapting their services to fit into the current circumstances. It feels strange,…… Continue reading The new ‘normal’

Motivation in Lockdown

The word motivation can mean a range of different things. Ask people what motivation means to them and you’ll get a wide variety of answers. Put simply, motivation is your general willingness to do something. Like a lot things, motivation can fluctuate – sometimes this willingness is sky high, but other times we really struggle…… Continue reading Motivation in Lockdown