Motivation in Lockdown

The word motivation can mean a range of different things. Ask people what motivation means to them and you’ll get a wide variety of answers. Put simply, motivation is your general willingness to do something. Like a lot things, motivation can fluctuate – sometimes this willingness is sky high, but other times we really struggle…… Continue reading Motivation in Lockdown

Exercise and your mood

As it is Mental Health Awareness Week, I thought I’d look a little closer at a particular topic that people may find useful. We all know the physical benefits of exercise – weight loss, decreased blood pressure, reduction in cholesterol etc. – but the advantages for your mental health are also clear. It has been…… Continue reading Exercise and your mood

Dieting under Lockdown

Leading up to the inevitable lockdown, a few clients were worried how a potential lockdown would affect their progress, whilst others focussed on the health implications of the coronavirus. Neither was wrong in their thinking, and this is such a personal issue for us all to deal with. In the first couple of weeks we…… Continue reading Dieting under Lockdown

How to maintain good habits

It’s fair to say that the past few weeks have been quite weird and like nothing we’ve ever experienced before, and it’s hard to keep momentum going, especially when we don’t really have an indication as to how long this will continue. Now isn’t the time to put extra pressure on ourselves, but it’s important…… Continue reading How to maintain good habits

Teenagers and Exercise

Throughout childhood and adolescence, there are so many reasons why exercise and activity can reduce and teenagers become more inactive – studying for exams and exercise isn’t always seen as ‘cool’. In today’s social media society, there’s extra pressure for teenagers to look a certain way or to have a particular brand of sports clothing,…… Continue reading Teenagers and Exercise

Alcohol and weight loss

We’re at that time of year coming up to peak party season, with endless buffets, drinks and limited time for exercise. Whilst you don’t want to go completely bonkers, you also want to be able to enjoy yourself and not have the stress and worry of counting every single calorie that may pass your lips…… Continue reading Alcohol and weight loss