Online Personal Training

You’d love a personal trainer, but your lack of routine makes it complicated.
You want one to one fitness support but haven’t found a solution you can afford.
You’re motivated to achieve your health goals but being in isolation has reduced your options.

You’re not alone, with Online Personal Training we’ll do this together.
You’ll get:
• Structure – a plan created for you, with your likes and dislikes reflected and your goals as the focus.
• Flexibility – a plan which fits your lifestyle. With sessions you can do at home and goals for outdoor activities, you can do the exercise you want at the right time for you.
• Accessibility – using an online platform, which you can also access through a phone app, you’ll have all the information you need and the tools to log and rate your workouts.
• Support and Accountability – I’ll be there to provide advice and support. And, when you need more of a push, I’ll provide accountability too.

Online Personal Training is effective, flexible and great value – you’ll get my knowledge, experience and drive to get you to your goal.
I’ll Create the Plan – You Use it Your Way
1. What else do you need to know?
2. We’ll start with an initial consultation – online or over the phone.
3. I’ll create a plan and give you all the information and tools you need to work out effectively.
4. And then it’s your bit. By completing the workouts and updating your sessions online, you tell me how you’re getting on.
5. We can talk – reviewing your progress, discussing any concerns, making sure you’re happy with how things are working.
6. I’m available to support you – because that’s what a Personal Trainer does.

Online Personal Training is for anyone who wants fitness support that fits their lifestyle.
To find out how I can help, get in touch.