Body Confidence

I had an awful experience yesterday in the changing room of my local clothes shop. For years, I’ve managed to get away with the “smash-and-grab” style of clothes shopping – buy what I think and then take back whatever doesn’t look good/ doesn’t fit/ is completely the wrong size, even when the label tells me…… Continue reading Body Confidence


Anyone see the post by Mark Wright yesterday about not doing too much cardio so it didn’t “burn muscle”? Mark bloody Wright. Spouting fitness knowledge, which you can guarantee some people out there will believe, and getting it so wrong. It’s frustrating because celebrities know that people follow them, hang on their every word and…… Continue reading Misinformation

Rest and Recovery

Every exercise programme should always have rest and recovery as an integral part of it, but sometimes you need to know (and listen to) what your body is saying and whether you need to take additional rest days to get the best out of yourself. Saturday was my additional rest day. I’d had some blood…… Continue reading Rest and Recovery

Q&A (12.02.2016)

This week seems to have whizzed by! Again some interesting questions have been coming through, which I’ve really enjoyed answering. I’m on the lookout for more questions, so keep them coming! What’s your best tip for people who are having a hard time committing to a new exercise schedule? Firstly, make sure your expectations aren’t…… Continue reading Q&A (12.02.2016)